We are able to develop different ingredients soluble microneedles for different functional needed.

Product Intro

About Microneedle

What is Micro-Needle?

Micro-needles are a relatively new cosmetic technology. The size of micro-needles is measured in microns. One micron is one thousandth of a millimeter, and a MicroBase micro-needle is usually no more than 3 microns in diameter and 1-100 microns long. The unique hypercube microcrystalline structure enhances penetration; vibrates at an extremely fast rate (10 times per second up and down at full speed) to create micro-channels in the skin; breaks through tough cuticles to more deeply and efficiently deliver skin care products, doubling the amount of absorption into the skin.


  • Non-invaded,Non-stimulating,Non-heated,High-safety.
  • Aim to boot up skin’s absorption.
  • Delicate-designed physical movements -to open up thousands of channels that help products infiltrate deep right into skin.