Microbase developed microfluid nozzle technology for 20 years by using a stable laser source and precise alignment equipment on Laser-LIGA technology.

Product Intro

Nozzle Plate for Ink Cartridge

•The edge of the nozzle hole is flat, and it is not easy to residual ink

•It is not easy to cause elastic fatigue, and consistent in ink output

•Good bonding effect, so it is especially suitable for the processing of ink cartridges with different materials

More than 20 years of excimer laser fine precision machining experience

Experience in laser drilling, laser cutting, and measurement system of automatic/semi-automatic process.


Deeply cultivated in excimer laser fine precision machining for more than 20 years.

Using the stable laser source, a major American manufacturer “Coherent”, and a high-precision platform made by a major Japanese manufacturer,

Through the core technology of high-end excimer laser micromachining,thousands of tiny holes of 3 microns are precisely drilling on the polymer plastic firm within a diameter of 2 mm area.

More than 80 million mesh have been produced. Apply to in consumer electronics, beauty products, and medical products.

Tool lKrF Excimer laser for 2D/3D structuring
Nikon NEXIV VMR Vision Measurement System
DPSS 266nm Laser
Material Polymer, PoIyimide, PMMA, PC and Photo-resist
Shape Drilling, Grooving, Cutting and Structuring
Quality Dimension Accuracy:< 2 μm
Position Accuracy:± 3 μm
Ra < 0.05 μm