MicroBase uses micro-needle technology to lock Hyaluronic Acid (HA) deep inside the skin. Our micro-needle products puncture the Stratum Corneum (SC) to allow HA to deeply permeate the underlying skin, increasing the absorption rate by up to 60%. The deep application of HA helps illuminate the periocular region around the eyes, preventing dark shadows and spots, fine lines, and crow’s feet, and can also be applied to other parts of the skin, depending on one’s needs.

  • Insoluble Microneedles (PLA (Polylactic)
    - Solid microneedles pierce the stratum corneum to create tiny holes and lead an access to the perforated skin. - Advance skin care performance with the microneedle treatment.
  • Soluble Microneedles
    - Solidify the essence/active ingredients into needle shape to create vertical penetration channels as well as leaving skin lush nutrition. - Application: microneedles eye patch, various effectiveness microneedles tips.





  • Unique Structure Designed
  • 400μm pyramid structure
  • Effectively break through the stratum corneum.
  • Efficient and direct infusion
  • 850 microneedles on a single tip
  • Untraceable wound
  • Creating Micron-infusion
  • Efficient and direct infusion
  • Untouchneurovascular
  • Increase skin care performance


Experiment of creating infiltration channels


♦Hand:Thumb massage has limit penetration.
♦Tapping:Microneedle vibrating create direct channel to boost skin care product penetration.
♦By color dye Micro-channels could be located after penetration
♦Microneedles effectively create numerous paths on cuticle layer


Bio-trust testing:


√Eight heavy metals
√Steroids test
√Preservative test
√Total plate counttest
√EO sterilizationtest
√EO residue test
√Microbiological test
√Cytotoxicity test
√Packaging validationtest