Microfluidic Technology


With the progress of modern technology, MicroBase is able to develop an effective respiratory drug delivery device to replace chlorofluorocarbons or hydrofluoroalkanes propellants- the microfluidic inhaler.


The uniblock is the key component of the microfluidic inhaler. MicroBase utilizes its micro-processing technology to manufacture the micro filter and nozzle construct on silicon materials to assemble the uniblock. By using the mechanical energy generate by a spring in the inhaler, the drug solution is rapidly pushed through the uniblock at a controlled angle and a soft mist consisting fine particles for patients to inhale.


Features of microfluidic drug delivery:

  • Chlorofluorocarbons or hydrofluoroalkanes propellants free
  • Highly accurate dosing control (~15 uL per puff). Precise drug delivery to patients
  • Patient could breathe normally to inhale the soft mist without additional effort. Easy to use for patients
  • MicroBase patent and trademark protected technology



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