Microbase Technology Corp. has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in excimer laser micro-precision machining. We are committed to the R&D of non-silicon-based MEMS.

We have several automatic/semi-automatic process technologies such as laser drilling, laser cutting, and automatic measurement system. We provide a total technical solution of material choosing, flow channel design, and process integration.



Excimer laser- LIGA (Lithographie Galvanoformung Abformung)

•Micrometer-scale microstructure processing technology

•Micro-hole design and manufacture by the cold Laser machining

•Micrometer-scale process integration technology

Deeply cultivated in excimer laser fine precision machining for more than 20 years.

Using the stable laser source, a major American manufacturer “Coherent”, and a high-precision platform made by a major Japanese manufacturer,

Through the core technology of high-end excimer laser micromachining,thousands of tiny holes of 3 microns are precisely drilling on the polymer plastic firm within a diameter of 2 mm area.

Dimension < 2 μm
Position ± 3 μm
Ra < 0.05 μm



Laser cutting technology

The original laser cutting equipment is from United States. According to the customized requirements, we programmed it and then provided an accurate product.




Automatic roll-to-roll system

Microbase have 3 automatic roll-to-roll system. Automatic production equipment coupled with precise and stable control that ensures stable production quality.




Quality Assurance

The originalNikon NEXIV VMR Vision Measurement System is from Japan. Automatically measure all key dimensions of the product to check the quality.




Stepped Patented Micro-Hole Microstructure Design

Beside OEM, we customized the micro-hole. According to the characteristics of the solution that be specified by customers, such as hydrophilicity, lipophilicity, viscosity, surface tension, ionic strength, etc.