Soluble & Insoluble Microneedles


Zero Fragrance, Zero Alcohol, Zero Preservatives.

Eye MaskMoisture

Eye MaskMoisture

Eye MaskMoisture

Insoluble Microneedles

PLA Microneedles (Insoluble)
  1. Insoluble micro tips conducted with vibration of machine creates thousand infiltration channels on cuticle layers.
  2. Good product performance on hair growth and skin care area.


Soluble Microneedles


Hylauronic Acid Microneedles
Hylauronic Acid Microneedles
  1. Extremely strong moisture supplement.
  2. Injecting powerful effective water magnet 37mg HA to reduce and smooth wrinkles.
Anti-Aging Microneedles
  1. Plantasens®Oryza Active+HA+Q 10.
  2. Increase collagens 133.
  3. Reduce wrinkles in 4 weeks.
Vitamin C Microneedles
  1. Provide nutritious HA+ Vitamin C to nourish up skin color Normally use around dullness, like face, female triangle area and armpit.