Privacy Policy


1.Welcome to our website at (the “Site”).  The Site is established and operated by MICROBASE TECHNOLOGY CORP. ("MICROBASE") and provides you with the related service and function (the "Service"). The Site and MICROBASE will collect, process and use your personal information in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act of Taiwan, R.O.C. (the "PDPA") and this Privacy Policy (the "Policy"), and shall provide you with necessary protection to your right of personal data.


2.Prior to the use of the Service, you shall ensure you have reviewed and accepted all provisions of the Policy. If you do not accept all or part of the Policy, you shall not use the Service.


3.Sphere of Application:

The Policy shall only apply to the collection, processing and use of your personal data by the Site and MICROBASE other than any other organization, company or individual owned or controlled by MICROBASE. You may access third-party website through the Site. The Site and MICROBASE shall not be responsible for the collection made by such third-party website.


4.According to the PDPA, the Site hereby provides you with the following information:

  1. The name of the agency collecting personal data: MICROBASE TECHNOLOGY CORP.
  2. The purpose of the collection: To provide the services, marketing, contracts, agreements and other legal matters, consumer and customer management and services, e-commerce services, advertising and commercial management provided by the Site, and other business as provided the organizational charter of MICROBASE.
  3. The categories of the personal data to be collected: Identification (name, address, contact number, email address, FB account or other information provided by community, etc.), characteristic (age, gender, date of birth, etc.), social and cultural attributes (hobbies, leisure activities, lifestyle, consumption habits, etc.) and others (email correspondence, website messages, system automatic tracking records, etc.).
  4. The time period of which the personal data is used: 6 months after the purpose of the data collection is no longer valid.
  5. The territory of which the personal data is used: The location of the Site's business operation and host server, which includes Taiwan, R.O.C., but excluding European Union.
  6. The recipients of which the personal data is used: the Site and its contractors.
  7. The methods of which the personal data is used: Data shall be used according to the above-mentioned purpose and this Policy.
  8. The methods to exercise your right to personal information: Under Article 3 of the PDPA, you may request to inquire or review your personal data, request for a copy of your personal data, request to add to or correct your personal data, request to stop the collection, processing, or use of your personal data, and request to delete your personal data. You may contact us to make your request, and the Site will process the request after receipt as soon as possible.  Contact information of MICROBASE includes:

Address: No. 756 Jiadong Rd., Bade Dist., Taoyuan City, 33464, Taiwan




The personal data collected by the Site shall only be used within the purpose of the collection. The Site shall not provide your personal data to any third party or use for any other purpose except with your prior approval or in compliance with the related laws. The Site shall not provide your personal data to any third party except providing the same to judicial authority, prosecutor, competent authority in compliance with laws or contractors of the Site for purpose of related activities.



To improve the quality of the Service, the Site may collect information in relation to the activities in which you participate through the Service. The activity information the Site may collect shall include:

  1. Your browsing record with the Service.
  2. The text or audio record as you use the function of meeting or chat.
  3. The communication or share record by and between you and another user.
  4. The transaction between you and another user.

The foregoing activity information collected by the Site shall be used within the purpose of providing you with the Service. To protect your personal data, the Site shall de-identify your personal data before any use outside the purpose of providing the Service.



For later identification and use of the Service, as you use the Service, the Site may set and access cookie or similar technology in your computer or other devices. You may determine whether or not to accept cookie in your computer settings or Internet settings. It may result in reduced functionality or disabling of certain features of the Service provided that you turn off cookie or similar technology.



To protect the security of your account and personal data, you shall not provide your account and password to any third party or allow any third party to apply account and password with your personal data, or you shall be liable for any result thereof. In case of any doubt that your account and password are divulged, you shall reset your password immediately or notify the Site to suspend your account (the Site may check your personal information to confirm your identity).



In the event of any revision of this Policy, the revised provisions will be announced on the Site from time to time. You shall cease to use the Service provided you disapprove the revised Policy and notify the Site to cease collection, processing and use of your personal data according to this Policy. Continued use of the Service after publication of any revision of the Policy indicates your consent to the amended Policy. The date on which the policy was last revised is located at the top of the Policy.