Aerosol Performance Analytic Lab

In view of the fierce competition in a global environment, we realize in order to excel ourselves among others in the respiratory treatment application, more resource shall be devoted in to achieve that goal. Under the careful planning, the respiratory analytic laboratory was established in the late 2014. The instruments acquired include Anderson Cascade Impactor (ACI), Next Generation Impactor (NGI), SprayTec, Breath Simulator, HPLC, and others. With those state-of-the art equipments, we are able to monitor our device quality, improve the aerosol performance of the new devices and provide respiratory analytic service to our global partners both in medical devices and pharmaceutical industries. To hold ourselves to the highest standard, ISO 17025 certifications is applied, and will be accredited to our respiratory analytic laboratory in second quarter of 2017. We would continue this relentless self-evolving process, and become the world leading respiratory device manufacturer.


Equipments and Analytics

lAerodynamic Assessment of Nebulized Aerosols

lDrug/Active Substance Delivery Rate

lTotal Drug/Active Substance Delivered