Pocket Air® Portable Nebulizer

Pocket Air®Portable Nebulizer

Active Vibrating Mesh Technology

This device is designed to nebulize the solution into an aerosol for respiratory therapy purpose.







Atomize the liquid with active vibrating mesh technology. Quiet Operation. Low Medication Residue. Light and portable. The particle size is more concentrated and consistent. Without frightening noises, Pocket Air makes your treatment more comfortable and results in a higher patient compliance. Quiet & Comfortable. Quiet operation with only 37dB enable baby enjoy  the treatment. PocketAir MBPN002,Sound Pressure Level Measurement (SGS Report No.:HCD0053) Multiple Uses. for Kid. for Older. Relieve Asthma, COPD, cold, allergy. Only 37dB enables all ages to enjoy the treatment makes your treatment more comfortable and results in higher patient compliance. Light and portable. Small size, easy control by one hand. Tiny, lightweight, only 74g. One-key atomization, intuitional operation. Press the top switch after medicine loaded to enjoy silent breathing treatment. The particles are Fine and Meticulous. 77%  < 5 μm Particle Percentage. 3.09 μm Average Diameter. More than 1000 tiny pores with an average diameter of only 3 μm. The atomized particle size formed by the active vibrating microporous technology is between 2-5 μm. Two-Color Prompt, Instant Perception. Steady Green Light Normal Operation. Steady Orange Light Low Battery Warning. Low Medication Residue. The design of the inclined groove at the bottom of the 
        medication cup leaves the liquid automatically gathered. The utilization rate of medicine is high with no residual liquid in the medication cup. The amount of residual liquid < 0.1 ml. High drug inhalation and Effective utilization. Suitable for a Variety of Scenarios. With the battery and the power cable, it can be used both at home and away from home. Bottom of the product. with two AA batteries(Alkaline batteries are recommended ). Another is USB power cable. How To Use. 1-Set up the medication cup. 2-Fill the medication cup with  
        the prescribed medication. 3-Attach on the mask. 4-Press ON/OFF button  and 
        breath normally. Dimension about main unit is approx. L78 X W41 X H73 mm. Dimension about medication cup is approx. L52 X W28 X H46 mm. Package Contents-Basic. Medication Cup, Main unit, USB Cable, Oxygen Mask, Packaging. Pouch, Color box, Instruction Manual (including the Warranty Card). Option Oxygen Mask (Adult or Child), Breathing Mouthpiece, AA Batteries. Medication Cup, Color box, Warranty Card. Specification: Place of Origin: Taiwan / After-sale Service: Online technical support / Brand Name: Pocket Air / Model Number: MBPN002 / Power Source: Electricity. / Warranty: 2 years / Application : For Medical / Power Supply Mode: USB recharge/ AA alkaline Battery x 2Adapter / Material: Metal, Plastic, Steel, Resin / Quality Certification: CE, Weee, BSMI, SGS / Instrument classification: Class II / Color: Blue and White / Method of operation : Active Vibrating Mesh Technology / Vibrating Frequency: Approx 117 kHz +/- 15% / Noise: Less than 50dB / Power supply: USB recharge/ AA alkaline Battery x 2Adapter / Certificate : ISO13485 / Medical Cup Capacity : Approx. 6 ml / Weight : Approx. 74g (Excluding batteries) / Dimension : Approx. L78 X W41 X H73 mm / Nebulization Rate : ≧ 0.25 ml/min / Residue of Drug: <0.1mL / Particle size : MMAD < 5μm** / Power consumption : < 1.5W**(MBPN00201) / Validity period : Portable Mesh Nebulizer kit 3 years. / Medication cup 2 years. / Storage and delivery condition : -20 ~ 70°C, 20 ~ 75 % RH, 800~1060 hPa / Operating temperature and humidity : 10 ~40°C, 30 ~ 85 % RH, 800~1060 hPa Quality is the Basis. The laboratory has also passed the evaluation of the MRA signatory member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Alliance (ILAC) for three consecutive years since 2017, and obtained the ISO17025 laboratory certification mark. This certification means that the data reports issued by the laboratory have the credibility of third-party certification, including the EU and the US FDA. With these leading end instruments and testing requirements in line with international standards, the nebulizer can provide more practical scientific data on the performance of different drugs to accurately monitor the quality of products. Quality is the basis for continuous promoting product performance and  as the foundation to become a leader  in the field of respiratory therapy medical equipment. Better efficiency on mesh nebulizer. International Journal -Drug Research. In 2017, the international journal (Pharmaceutical Research) published that six-fold increase in pulmonary drug delivery by using a mesh nebulizer compared to compression nebulizers. In Vivo Clinical Research: Taiwan Medical Center Clinical Research & Clinical Research In 12 Tertiary Hospitals in China. Active vibrating mesh technology. Ore technology apply with high-end material,” Polyamide mesh” to show excellent biocompatibility, durability and corrosion resistance. Technical Features. Polyimide mesh module with tiny and arranged orderly particle size provides better atomization. Material Features. Unique PI mesh. Polyimide Mesh has excellent biocompatibility, durability and corrosion resistance which result a higher safety on different drugs and applications. Focus on quality and safety. Each medication cup of the Pocket Air goes through 19 production processes and 6 inspection processes. To guarantee the quality, the atomization particle size is tested by Malvern Spraytec before leaving the factory. Materials for medication cups are all passed Biocompatibility. Safety, non-toxic and high temperature resistant,  more at ease use. Over one million. Units have been sold worldwide and well cooperate with the world's top pharmaceutical companies. Certification:2018 FDA, CFDA, TFDA, QMS0998, ISO 9001,BSI-Assurance-Mark-ISO 13485, the 22th Taiwan SMEs  Innovation Award, 2015 ERS Product of Outstanding Interest, Taiwan Excellence Award 2016, medtrade HomeCare 2014. Has obtained ISO9001, ISO13485 and other relevant certifications over the years to provide customers with products that are safe, reliable, convenient, comfortable and efficient.