Pocket Air® SILENTNEB®integrates an innovative technology- contact-triggered vibrating mesh technology. Different from traditional mesh nebulizer, it separates container and mesh from vibrating module. A vibrating module free medication cup is created, named mesh cupTM.

It is much more convenient for clincs, hospitals or nursing home to do the aerolozation for their patients. Moreover, MicroBase can either cooperate with pharmasutical company to fill the liquid medicine so that is more easiler to do treatments.



1. Quiet (Library Level):

Silent in use for creating a comfortable treatment environment.

2. Disposable Mesh CupTM (Medication Cup):

Patents protecting inventions. Disposable mesh cupTM is designed for avoiding cross-contamination of different drugs and avoiding mesh clogging under repeated use.

3. Low Medication Residue:

There is almost no residue in the mesh cupTM, which reduces the waste of medicine and has high efficiency of nebulization.

4. High Intake:

Fine aerosol particles successfully penetrate deep into the lungs.

5. Low Exhaled:

Low exhaled aerosol avoid cross-infection of different users in the environment.


Mesh CupTM Features:
1. Avoid mesh clogging under repeated use.
2. Avoid cross-contamination of different drugs.
3. Avoid tedious clean process.
New Design – aerosol chamber

Aerosol Chamber

A special chamber is designed to provide a space for storing aerosol temporary and generate the soft aerosol plume. For patients, soft aerosol plume is comfortable to inhale and is suitable for all ages, especially for the elderly and young children.

Combine with valve drive and air flow pathway design, the amount of aerosol inhalation is increased and the amount of aerosol exhalation is decreased.